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Joshua, a Gold Club (Sponsored 6 or more visitors) and long time member with Crescendo shared with us when it comes to inviting, we often have to start with ourselves.

In the realm of business networking, inviting visitors to BNI (Business Network International) is not just a task but a mindset. The right attitude and approach are vital cornerstones for a successful invitation. With years of experience in BNI, particularly within the dynamic environment of BNI Crescendo, I’ve learned that consistency, belief, and trust are key to regularly inviting new visitors.

1. The Mindset Behind Inviting Visitors: When it comes to inviting visitors to BNI, it’s crucial to approach it with the mindset of being a bearer of gifts. Like Santa Claus, we offer the gift of BNI opportunities to those who are open and willing to receive them. It’s essential not to prejudge potential invitees but instead focus on giving them the chance to experience the value of BNI Crescendo firsthand.

2. Sustaining Invitations Over Time: Even after many years in BNI, the excitement and commitment to inviting new visitors remain strong. Starting to invite is simple—just begin. The key lies in maintaining consistency and continuity in the WHY behind inviting, rather than being overly concerned about the HOW. A sustainable inviting mindset is encapsulated in the acronym BTO: Belief, Trust, and Obey.

  • Belief: Do we truly believe in BNI and its values, particularly its Givers Gain philosophy?
  • Trust: Can we trust in our belief in BNI and its proven referral system since its inception in 1985?
  • Obey: If we have belief and trust in BNI, are we obedient to the BNI system, especially its Members Traffic Lights, and do we work the system diligently and consistently?

Remember, there are numerous ways to connect with potential invitees, whether through social media, networks, associates, alumni, family, or relatives. The key is to avoid prejudging who might be interested and to maintain a clear and compelling WHY before considering the HOW TO. By building personal belief and trust in BNI and practicing Givers Gain in thought, speech, and action, we attract the right invitees at the right time.

3. Tips for Increasing Visitor Invites: To enhance our visitor invites, it’s essential to begin with the end in mind and envision the possibilities we create for both members and invitees in the future. Embrace the role of a Santa Claus, offering gifts of BNI opportunities and possibilities to our invitees. Remember the BTO mindset, understanding that we can’t say the wrong thing to the right person. Focus on continuous self-improvement to become the right person to welcome potential members at the right time.

In conclusion, inviting visitors to BNI is not just about sending out invitations—it’s about embodying a mindset of belief, trust, and obedience, and consistently sharing the gift of BNI opportunities with others. With this approach, we can foster growth and success within BNI Crescendo and beyond.

Goh Tjoei Kok

I help soloprenuers and small businesses to build their first digital foundation, increasing their branding, credibility and showcasing their expertise through their websites.

BNI Crescendo has been around for more than 17 years and is one of the biggest chapter in Singapore.

Over 2,400 referrals and a total of $2.5 million worth of done deals were passed just last year alone.