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2 of our members, Joshua (Nutrition & Weight Management) and Andy ( Optometrist) has come together to provide us with a health screening for your body and your eyes.

CRESCENDO Family & Friends Health Awareness Session
For a Healthier You

7th Apr 2024m, 2-5pm

Vision & Perception Practice
220 Orchard Road #03-05 S238852

What does it includes:
30min Screening (Worth $100) Crescendo Rate: $5/-
1. Body Fat Analysis
2. Blood Pressure
3. Eyesight & “Lao hua”
4. Age Macular Degeneration
5. Retinal Photography

Text Andy at 9478 8955 for an appointment.

This event is bought to you by:

Andy ( Optometrist)

Joshua (Nutrition & Weight Management)

Goh Tjoei Kok

I help soloprenuers and small businesses to build their first digital foundation, increasing their branding, credibility and showcasing their expertise through their websites.

BNI Crescendo has been around for more than 17 years and is one of the biggest chapter in Singapore.

Over 2,400 referrals and a total of $2.5 million worth of done deals were passed just last year alone.