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A child can have healthy eyes and still exhibit weak visual motor skills.

These weaknesses cause visual symptoms such as
Skips words/lines when reading 
Uses finger to keep place when reading 
Holds things very close 
Eyes are tired or strained 
Able to read for only a short time 
Has headaches when/after reading 
Poorer sustained near attention 
Difficulties copying from board

Weak visual motor skills significantly impact a child’s learning ability. Quite often, behaviours perceived as carelessness or lack of motivation can be caused by these underlying challenges. At Vision & Perception Practice, we evaluate crucial visual skills—including eye tracking, teaming, focusing, and visual perception—to uncover the root causes behind a child’s learning difficulties. By addressing these issues early, we can mitigate negative impacts, boosting self-esteem and motivation, and fostering a more positive learning environment, enabling children to reach their full potential.


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