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When it comes to networking event, do you find yourself prefer to stand by the wall instead of mingling, and getting to know people? Don;t worry. You are not alone. In the above picture, all of them are introverts but yet they are all the top networkers in our chapter.

So how did they do it?

When it comes to business, networking is often the key towards success. It allows business owners connection for collaborations, gives insight and even get  a stream of constant businesses.

However, it can be daunting for introverts. Today we will explore how as introverts, they can still standout and build relationship during networking events.

Here are some Tips for Introvert Networkings

Networking can be challenging for introverts, but it’s definitely achievable with the right approach. Here are seven tips tailored for introverts:

Choose Quality Over Quantity: Instead of trying to meet as many people as possible, or attend as different networking group as possible, focus on making meaningful connections with a few individuals and attend 1 or 2 networking groups frequently. Introverts takes time to warm up and loves build deeper relationship. By focusing on only 1 or 2 chapter group, you can build far more meaningful relationships and doesn’t drain you as much.

Prepare Talking Points: Before attending a networking event, prepare a few talking points or questions that you can use to initiate conversations. This can help alleviate the pressure of coming up with things to say on the spot. Also, prepare your 30s of what you do, and how you help people and whom you like to connect to. This is especially important to leave an impression. By having it prepared, it will come easier when people ask, and they will ask what you do.

Listen Actively: Introverts often excel at listening, so use this to your advantage. Show genuine interest in what others have to say and ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation going. People appreciate being heard, and this can leave a positive impression.

Attend Small Gatherings: Instead of large, overwhelming events, seek out smaller gatherings or workshops where you can engage in more intimate conversations. These settings often provide a more relaxed environment conducive to meaningful connections. A good size of networking is between 20 to 50 pax. You don’t want too small a networking group to not meet enough people or too large to get lost in crowd.

Take Breaks When Needed: Networking events can be draining for introverts, so don’t hesitate to take breaks when you need them. Find a quiet corner or step outside for some fresh air to recharge before diving back into networking activities.

Follow Up: After making a connection, be sure to follow up with the individual to reinforce the relationship. This can be as simple as sending a personalized email expressing your appreciation for the conversation and suggesting a future meet-up or collaboration.

By leveraging your strengths as an introvert, such as listening skills and thoughtfulness, you can navigate networking opportunities effectively and build valuable professional relationships.

Goh Tjoei Kok

I help soloprenuers and small businesses to build their first digital foundation, increasing their branding, credibility and showcasing their expertise through their websites.

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