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HR Consultancy & Operations

Ryan Seah

HR Solutionist SG Pte Ltd

With over 12 years of distinguished experience as a Human Resources practitioner, I have cultivated a robust foundation in the realms of HR management and business partnership across the construction, shipping, and education sectors. My expertise is recognized through prestigious certifications as a Senior Professional with both the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), underscoring my commitment to excellence and continuous professional development in the field of Human Resources.

In my capacity as Chairman of the HR Risk Chapter for RIMAS, I lead with a strategic focus on identifying and mitigating HR-related risks, further contributing to the advancement of HR practices within the industry. My role emphasizes the importance of safeguarding organizational integrity and ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory landscapes.

As an HR Consultant at Kairos HR Solutionist, a consultancy at the forefront of human capital development, I specialize in advising clients on comprehensive HR strategies with a keen emphasis on talent management. My approach is centered around the pivotal aspects of identifying, managing, developing, and retaining top talents, enabling organizations to achieve their strategic objectives through the optimization of their human resources. My guidance is tailored to support businesses in scaling up effectively by leveraging human capital as a strategic business partner, thus driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Ideal Referrals:

  • Company Secretaries
  • Business Consultants
  • Asset Management Consultants

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