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Cybersecurity Consultant

Marcus Leong

Availabilit Pte Ltd (AVBT)

Availabilit Pte Ltd (AVBT) is an IT advisory and consultancy firm providing essential IT services to businesses and organizations across APAC especially in IT Consultancy, Cybersecurity and Disaster Resilience.

AVBT has expertise and experience in all different types of infrastructure environment – Windows, Apple, Linux and hybrid.

Our Internal IT Framework has been tested over more than 10 years to meet all types of compliance requirements – ISO, SOC2, HIPAA, Legal and many more. Our clients range from micro-SMEs to enterprises of 10 to more than 100 employees.

A Holistic Approach to Fortifying the IT Framework
We think and work from a Business and IT perspective. How technology should support the business instead of the business being forced to adapt to the technology.

We believe every organization is unique – the people, systems and processes. AVBT simplifies the implications, timeline and costs for key decisions. Deployment is made easy for every stakeholder with minimal disruption.


  • IT Consultancy and Advisory
  • IT Compliance
  • IT Policy Development
  • IT Framework
  • IT Planning and Budgeting

Work Completed

  • IT Consultancy and Advisory for more than 200 SMEs, professionals and companies in Singapore, Shanghai, New York, United Kingdom and Dubai
  • Able to deploy for Cybersecurity guidelines and accreditations such as
  • ISO 27001, DPTM, CEM
  • MAS Technology Risk Management Guidelines
  • Law Society Singapore Risk Management Framework – Technology
  • Ministry of Health Singapore Cybersecurity
  • IT Policy development for more than 10 firms for audits and accreditations
  • IT planning and budgeting for more than 200 firms
  • IT Asset Management
  • IT hardware and endpoint software


  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Test
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • Cybersecurity Audits (CEM, CTM, MAS TRM, ISOs)

Security Audits

  • Security review and audit for a performing arts non-profit in Singapore. Loopholes for data loss and theft were discovered and patched accordingly
  • Security review and audit for a notable law firm in Singapore
  • Security review and audit for a top 10 SME HR agency
  • Security review and audit for an international finance company

Ideal Collaborators:

  • Lawyers
  • Software Developers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Business consultants

Ideal Referrals:

  • Lawyers
  • Software Developers
  • Investment firms
  • Family Offices
  • HR Agencies

Contact Me:

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