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Congratulations to the members of Crescendo! We achieved 3rd place for the Chapter with the highest growth by adding 3 new members. What does this mean for the members?

It may seem a bit cringe-worthy to celebrate such matters, like when you attend a sales event and everyone celebrates the sales manager for recruiting another sales team member. However, for a networking chapter, it is indeed a cause for celebration because we are effectively adding to our sales team.

In Crescendo, our members are dedicated to look out for business for each other, and we watch out for each other for referrals.

n a referral networking chapter, every member acts as a sales representative for the others. In Crescendo, our members are dedicated to looking out for business opportunities for one another and providing referrals.

Each of us typically has about 10 close connections—people with whom we are very close, like family members, best friends, or colleagues we work with daily. We are deeply involved in their lives and know when they might need a trusted service. This is where referral networking comes in. You can effectively recommend a service you believe your friend needs. Because the chapter’s members are people you see every week, you know they are trusted service providers, and vice versa.

So, what does it mean to add 3 new members? It means we are adding 3 new sales team members with a fixed marketing investment. It means we are gaining 30 new connections through our 3 new members who will hear about your business. Simply put, all 40+ of our members’ businesses are growing together when a chapter grows.

We invite you to visit our chapter meeting. Let’s grow your business together.

Goh Tjoei Kok

I help soloprenuers and small businesses to build their first digital foundation, increasing their branding, credibility and showcasing their expertise through their websites.

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BNI Crescendo has been around for more than 17 years and is one of the biggest chapter in Singapore.

Over 2,400 referrals and a total of $2.5 million worth of done deals were passed just last year alone.