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Whenever I encounter aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, or professionals who are thinking about striking out on their own, I take the opportunity to share how BNI can be incredibly beneficial for expanding their network.

Take Kei, for example. I got to know her when she and her sister were in the early stages of planning their own student care center last year. I emphasized to them the importance of networking alongside managing operations. You never know who you might meet and what opportunities those interactions could bring. From what I’ve seen, Kei seems to be really enjoying her time here at BNI.

Moving forward, my plan is to keep meeting new people and gauging whether their values align with what BNI offers. It’s all about fostering genuine connections and showing others the potential benefits of being part of our network.

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Goh Tjoei KokGoh Tjoei KokMarch 2, 2024

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BNI Crescendo has been around for more than 17 years and is one of the biggest chapter in Singapore.

Over 2,400 referrals and a total of $2.5 million worth of done deals were passed just last year alone.